Commonsense Plan

Eric Nelson is not a politician. He’s one of us and is ready to put his Commonsense Leadership Plan into action:

  • Create Jobs. Many politicians talk about jobs, but few of them have actually created jobs. Eric has created jobs and understands the burden our government puts on job Screenshot (139)creators. Westmorland County needs to be a better place for employers to settle, grow and create jobs.
  • Promote Fiscal Discipline. The carry over spending in Harrisburg must stop; our government should be more transparent  and spend a little less than what it has. Eric has put taxpayers first by opposing broad-based tax increases.
  • Combat the Drug Epidemic. He will marshal every force we have- law enforcement, prevention and addiction specialists, the courts, and citizens.
  • Reform Harrisburg. Harrisburg is broken and Eric is working to fix it. Eric has voted for pension reform, voted to decrease the size of the legislature and passed transparency legislation out of the house.Screenshot (145)
  • Preserve our Pro-Life and Pro-2nd Amendment Values. Eric is a lifetime member of the NRA and a strong conservative. He will stand up to the liberals in Harrisburg who would threaten the unborn and the Constitution.