About Eric

Eric is a business owner, entrepreneur, farmer, college professor, former Marine and a father of six children with his lovely wife of 18 years, Susan.  He has made hard decisions, created jobs, covered payroll, prayed for wisdom and respects others.

Eric is one of us, having been born and raised in our community. HeUSMC-Headshot-225x300 graduated from Hempfield High and IUP. After graduating college Eric went to the Marine Corps and served for 8 years, after the terrorist attacks on September 11th he reenlisted.  Today, Eric is a local businessman who has created jobs and actually met a budget.  Eric is also a fulltime educator at his Alma mater; he takes great pride in teaching the workforce of tomorrow.

Most importantly, Eric is a committed father. He and his wife, Susan, are raising their six children on a small farm in Hempfield. Eric and his family areactive participants within our community and their church.Screenshot (138)